Our History:

BusinessTend was started in 2019. We aim to share business related news and tips for our readers. The blog was started to share information about businesses, management, financial tips and about businessmen. We have very useful information and tips for a startup businessman. We want our readers to enjoy reading blogs on our platform.

What makes us Unique

We just do not share information on businesses but we help our readers to expand their own ideas as well. Thats why we accept informational content from our readers too. We love to publish any useful information and share it with our readers.

About the Owner

Pragati Sharma is the founder of BusinessTend. Completed her B. Tech in Electronics and Communications from RTU, Kota in 2010. Pragati came into blogging in 2019 and later started her own eCommerce store PragatiCrafts.co.in and PragatiCrafts.com. She is running 2 more blogs that are Winaak.com a Tech blog and Tripapro.com a Travel blog. She is also co-founder of Sybero an IT Company based in Jaipur, India.

About The Team

We are a professional team of content writers and researchers who bring the latest and information content for our readers. BusinessTend was started as a solo owner blog and now we have five team members working on front-end and back-end as well.

Who Read Our Blogs?

People who are doing their own business or want to start a business are our focused readers. We have useful informations for startup businesses, small businesses and Investors as well. BusinessTend is a Business & Finance blog so we have a lot to share about finance, investments as well.

Anything to share with us?

We welcome all the queries sent to us. We take care of every message and respond professionally to each of those. If you have anything to share or suggest or ask feel free to contact us.