What is The Best Investment For Your Money In 2022?

best investment

Are you disappointed with the products offered by your bank and you want to make the best investment for your money ? It’s a very good idea if you don’t want to be faced with the decline in your purchasing power in 2022 ! Unlike savings, best investment remains the best alternative for optimizing your return and growing your capital much faster.

But which investment pays the most ? This is the question that many people ask themselves when they get started. It is important to know that a placement that is good for you may not be for another and vice versa. So the best placement is the one that best meets your needs.

However, among the multitude of placements available on the market, some prove to be more reliable and more profitable. Discover in this writing the top 5 of the most interesting placements of the moment.

Best investment for your money

Investment in Life insurance

A veritable Swiss savings knife, life insurance is considered the favorite financial investment of the French. Indeed, this type of placement gives the subscriber the possibility of saving money in the medium or long term. Depending on the capital invested in this financial investment, the subscriber receives interest on his contract. In case he dies, the life insurance contract is settled.

Thus, the capital and interest will be transmitted to the beneficiaries of his choice. They can be children, spouses, partners, brothers and sisters, etc. In the event of survival, the subscriber remains the beneficiary of the funds. He is the only one who has the right to freely recover capital and interest. Two types of contracts are offered in a life insurance investment :

  • Mono support contracts in euros: payments made in this type of contract are invested in risk-free products (state bonds) and revalue each year. There is no risk that the subscriber will lose his investment. Interest for the year is available and the capital invested is available at all times ;
  • Multi supply contracts: the subscriber’s payments are invested in products relating to the financial markets called units of account. This solution does not offer a capital guarantee, since the value of these units may vary. It is an investment considered risky, but remunerative unlike the fund in euros.

What are the benefits of life insurance ?

If life insurance is appreciated by all, it is because it offers many advantages. The main advantage of this placement is the advantageous taxation after 8 years and the great freedom in the choice of beneficiaries. In addition, this investment allows you to have long-term capital.

You have the option of withdrawing the deposited money with increased net interest after a few years and closing your contract. Another advantage of this placement is that it allows you to supplement your retirement income with regular withdrawals.

Investing on the stock market via a PEA

Investing in the stock market remains a historic, timeless and very profitable financial investment. This type of investment consists of buying stocks and bonds that are considered direct assets. On the one hand, these assets allow you to generate a capital gain when you decide to resell them.

On the other hand, they allow you to receive dividends from the companies with which you have bought shares. Investing on the stock market through the PEA (Share Savings Plan) amounts to investing in several European companies. In addition, if you plan to diversify your investment, you can invest in index funds called trackers or ETF.

It’s about investing your money in companies that are within a stock market index. It is important to know that it is in the short term or in the long term this type of investment presents risks. This finance glossary will allow you to analyse the stock market price and limit the risks.

best investment for your money

What are the advantages of an investment in the stock market via PEA ?

With the possibility of turning to trackers, this placement allows you to pool the risk of loss while benefiting from very high rates of return. Investing in the stock market via a PEA also allows you to take advantage of certain tax advantages. Indeed, you benefit from an exemption from income tax on capital gains generated by your investments after 5 years of detention. All you have to do is pay the social security contributions of 17.2 %.

SCPI (Civil Society of Real Estate Investments)

Still called a paper stone investment, the SCPI is a financial investment which consists in investing its money in real estate in a very profitable way. In the SCPI, the one who invests instantly becomes the owner of a multi-billion euro building stock.

As such, he receives a rent calculated on the amount of his investment and which will be paid directly into his bank account. In 2022, the SCPI will be the best solution for investing in real estate and having the assurance of growing your money without stress. It therefore generates a regular and stable income of around 4% per year. For the best SCPI, the attractive yield can reach up to 6% net.

What are the benefits of investing in SCPI ?

Investing in SCPI offers many advantages :

  • Accessible investment: unlike a traditional investment, investing in the SCPI does not require a large investment. With a few hundred euros, you can have a share of real estate assets ;
  • Guaranteed profitability: currently, the yields of SCPI are more profitable and stable ;
  • Risk pooling: With the SCPI, the owner does not run the risk of not collecting the rents. No matter the rate of insolvent tenants, you will have your return ;
  • Diversification of the investment: thanks to this financial investment, you are not obliged to place your money in a single medium.

Investing in the PER (Retirement Savings Plan)

Created by the Pact Law in 2019, the Retirement Savings Plan is a long-term placement that allows you to benefit from an additional pension when you retire. Indeed, the saver operates his contract by payments which he cannot dispose of except in exceptional cases (lifetime accident or purchase of the main residence).

These contributions are blocked until his retirement. Once retired, the saver receives the contributions accumulated in the form of an annuity or capital, or a combination of the two. Payments to be made throughout your working life can be scheduled or free. There is no payment ceiling or mandatory annual minimum required in the RIP.

What are the advantages of investing in PER ?

The major advantage of investing in PER is its very advantageous taxation. This investment of money allows you to deduct voluntary payments from its taxable income. In other words, your payments are deducted from your taxable income which allows you to significantly reduce your taxes. Apart from the tax advantage, you have security with the euro fund.

Crowd lending

Still called crowd funding is a method of financing companies that involves investing your money in TPEs and unlisted SMEs to finance a project. This will increase the capital of the company that organizes crowd funding.

In return, you will benefit from the shares of the share capital which will eventually give entitlement to dividends. In principle, the amount you will receive will depend on the performance of the business.

What are the benefits of investing through crowd funding ?

Investing in crowd funding has many advantages :

  • Benefit from much more attractive returns between 5% and 12 % ;
  • Have the opportunity to diversify your investments by investing in several projects and thus reduce risks ;
  • Take advantage of a lower risk rate ;
  • Make an amount of money available bear fruit.


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