How To Become A Self Entrepreneur: Our 2022 Guide?


How to become self Entrepreneur? Micro-enterprise status (formerly self-entrepreneur) is attracting more and more people who want to become independent. But what are we talking about exactly, and above all what must be done to pass the course and create your activity ? Find everything you need to know to become a self-entrepreneur calmly!

Why become a self-entrepreneur ?

You may want to become a self-entrepreneur for several reasons: need for freedom, willingness to carry a project, idea of creating an innovative business, etc. Whatever your motivation, here are some reminders on the status of a self-entrepreneur.

Some reminders on the status of self-entrepreneur

Self-entrepreneur status is a variant of the individual business in its own name. That is, you act on your behalf and be one with it. Clearly, unlike the company which has the legal person, you are responsible for your business and your assets are linked. The designation “micro-enterprise” therefore does not refer to a statute, but to a tax system.

And to benefit from the advantages of this scheme, it is necessary to take into account the self-entrepreneur ceilings:

  • € 76,200 for craft activities and the liberal ;
  • € 176,200 for commercial activities.

If these ceilings are exceeded, you automatically switch to the individual business regime, and lose the benefits of micro-social and micro-fiscal regimes.

Choose to become a self-entrepreneur

Why become a self-entrepreneur ? Often this is the most accessible and practical legal form to start your business at a lower cost. Indeed, creating a micro-enterprise only takes a few minutes and is done entirely online.

Whatever your motivation: urgent need to no longer have a hierarchy, desire for a new challenge, search for independence, it is important not to go ball in the lead. Although it seems very easy to create a self-business (and it is), only 1 on 3 on average passes the course of 3 years. Because the life of a self-entrepreneur is not a long, calm river and does not stop at its registration.

So before choosing to become a self-entrepreneur, do not hesitate to question another independent of your sector of activity to know their course, the difficulties encountered, the successes. You can also turn to Pole Employ, which, according to the agencies, offers support courses including sessions with a work psychologist to mature your project.

Steps to become a free auto-entrepreneur

Creating your micro-enterprise online is now very fast. Because since the complete dematerialization of the administration, everything is done directly on the self-entrepreneur You just have to “follow the movement” of the site that tells you each step.

Fill out form P0

This is where you indicate all the information relating to your business and your identity. It also serves to report your start of activity.

The social declaration

It is essential to take full advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of self-entrepreneurial status. This is where you opt for the rhythm of your URSSAF declarations and for the final payment. You also indicate whether being a self-entrepreneur will be your main activity or combined with salaried status. This is important because the social system depends on your main activity. You can also add rights holders, for example your children.

Once this form is completed, you can also complete your request for ACRE online. You only have to provide the requested supporting documents (identity document and proof of domicile at least).

Under 7 days approximately you receive your SIREN number which will allow you to request your K extract. The latter will be requested in particular during the insurance subscription.

How to become a self-entrepreneur for free ?

Become a self-entrepreneur for free, a dream ? And no, it is indeed the reality if you complete the formalities yourself. However, certain activities oblige you to register in professional registers. We invite you to consult our dedicated article to find out everything about the cost of creating a self-business.

how to become self Entrepreneur

What alternatives to become a self-entrepreneur ?

Do you feel comfortable with the formalities for setting up your self-business, are you afraid of making a mistake, or just don’t want to spend time there ? Know that the Legal techs are there to accompany you.

€ 10 reduction

For a few tens of euros, sites like Captain Contract, Legal start or Legal Place take care of your entire file.

It is also possible to be accompanied by an accountant who will guide you in choosing your future legal status and setting it up. His fees are obviously higher, but if the ceilings are exceeded, he will be able to effectively advise you in the transformation of your self-business into SASU or to switch from self-entrepreneur to EURL.

Become a self-entrepreneur… And after ?

As said above, becoming a self-entrepreneur does not stop with the registration of your business. It would even be the beginning. To start your activity well, you must choose the right tools and partners to move forward calmly.

Choose the right self-entrepreneur tools

Above all, a good worker has the right tools. And for the self-entrepreneur who does not really have accounting obligations, this is mainly due to two choices :

  • Billing or accounting software: no need for extremely sophisticated software, but being able to edit quotes and invoices is the minimum. You can opt for free billing software like Henrri or, or make your choice from our comparison of the best billing software for self-entrepreneur ;
  • Task management and project software: it may not be essential at the very beginning of your activity, but it will quickly allow you to follow all your projects and tasks in a clear and concise manner so as not to forget anything. Software like Trello, Notion or Monday is quite suitable. You can find our full reviews in our project management software comparison ;

Choose your bank and insurance

The only accounting obligation of the self-entrepreneur is to have an account dedicated to their professional activity. So you have to go in search of a bank that suits you, that is, generally that does not apply significant management fees and allows you to cash from around the world or pay your expenses without problem. You can contact your current bank, or consult our selection of the best free bank accounts for the auto-entrepreneur.

Mandatory for regulated professions, but in any case, very strongly recommended, the self-entrepreneurial RC Pro is essential. Indeed, you act on behalf of your company, too, in the event of litigation, it is you, personally, who will be responsible for any damages to be paid. Professional Civil Liability Insurance protects you against these risks in the event of damage caused in the course of your activity by you, your equipment or within your premises.

Finally, do not hesitate to subscribe to a mutual auto-entrepreneur or even a mutual TNS. This allows you to improve your social security coverage by increasing your health reimbursements in particular or paying for your hospital costs. And while you’re at it, why not consider pension insurance.

Find first customers

Last step to become a self-entrepreneur: find your first customers. And for that, several means are at your disposal according to your activity. Thus, you can participate for example in local events such as lounges, fairs, or evenings dedicated to entrepreneurs. Direct or indirect prospecting allows you to make yourself known and increase your list of potential customers.

Having good visibility on the internet has become essential in recent years, as the health crisis has shown us. It is therefore almost mandatory to have a professional website and to reference your company to Google My Business. By communicating regularly and collecting positive opinions from your customers, you should have a great prospecting lever.

Training dedicated to self-entrepreneurs allows you to learn the basics of business management, digital marketing, e-commerce or even accounting. You can even build skills and learn to design a website or manage your social networks.

Good to know: as a self-entrepreneur, you have training rights. Do not hesitate to train throughout your career to remain competitive !

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