How To Start A Successful Online Store in 2022?

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Do you have a physical store and want to know how to start an online store ? We take stock of what to take into account to successfully transfer between the two shops. E-commerce has become essential. However, this boom does not mean the end of traditional trade. The key to success ? Make the two approaches coexist. For the transition to go well, you will need to acquire new skills and methods. Follow the guide !

How to start an online store

From physical to digital: 5 steps to get into e-commerce

1. Redo market research

Before asking you How to start an online store, you need to make sure this strategy is the right one. To do this, redo a market study. Ask yourself if your target audience is familiar with e-commerce. For this, nothing could be simpler! You will only have to send a questionnaire to your existing customers. What are his habits on the Internet? Would your customers and customers like to find your products online? Thanks to their answers, you will have a better idea of the welcome that will be reserved for your online store.

2. Create a coherent universe

The market research has finished convincing you. The decision is made, and you will start your e-commerce project. It will generally be preferable to adopt a complementary approach between your physical store and your online store. To transmit this complementary, make sure that your two stores are consistent, in terms of spirit but also of design. Do not neglect the theme of your website, the choice of colours and the general universe. Buyers come to your site as they go to your store. The interface is therefore just as important as merchandising for your conversion rate. Think about it ! Remember that in addition to being a shop, your site can also be a great showcase, which will make internet users want to go physically to your store!

How to start an online store

3. Familiarize yourself with e-commerce tools

Are you starting out in e-commerce? Note that there are content management systems (often identified by the English abbreviation “CMS”) which are specifically designed for online stores. Assume that the home page of your site is your showcase. Your visitors must immediately find the products you put forward. Show important information, such as your business actions. Logistics is another major turning point in your transition. Delivery is a crucial aspect of online commerce. Don’t neglect it. Plan a dedicated page on your site. Your buyers will be able to consult your shipping and return conditions there. You can even set up an FAQ to answer essential questions !

4. Establish a good torque dynamic

This is the most important part for making your two shops coexist ! The ideal strategy allows the two stores to feed each other to generate exponential growth. This is why it is strongly recommended to keep your physical shop. The boost she will receive through your website may surprise you. Again: your e-shop is a showcase. It can easily bring new customers to your products. You can adopt different operating modes. For example, allows him to order or reserve your products online, then come and collect them in stores. If your infrastructure allows, you can set up one, which incorporates the same principle with a collection point located outside the store. These approaches are intended to attract connected customers, which is generally more difficult to build.

5. Complete the physical circuit to digital

Your online store can bring additional customers to your store, but the reverse is also possible. Why deprive yourself of it ? Offer your customers and store customers to discover your online store. Place flyers on the cash desk, for example. Indicate the address of your online store. Significant traffic on your site improves your natural referencing and your notoriety on the web !

In short

Online commerce is experiencing unprecedented growth. Access any item from its smartphone, avoid travel and queues. The benefits are many and un deniable ! You have everything to gain by making your transition to e-commerce. You now know how to create an online store. Just avoid betting everything on digital. Don’t give up on your physical store. Customers may be connected, but they are not ready to do without real experience. Put the notoriety of your store at the service of your e-commerce and create a strategy to play effectively on both tables.

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