Madhabi Puri Buch Appoints New SEBI CEO


The new SEBI CEO is Madhabi Puri Buch, a former TV anchor and finance executive. She will take over on Tuesday, and her appointment has received widespread acclaim in the market. The market has long admired Buch’s record of cracking down on fraudulent trading. She is the first woman to lead SEBI, and will be the first from outside the government to hold the post. She is also expected to face a range of challenges, including tackling the mammoth initial share sale of the state-owned Life Insurance Corporation of India, governance lapses at India’s largest stock exchange, and the volatility of the market caused by the conflict in Russia.

Despite the gloomy outlook, Buch has a track record of driving changes to the stock-broking, mutual fund, and debt scheme industries. Her work has focused on safety, efficiency, and accountability in the industry. In addition to enacting new laws to regulate the stock market, Buch also banned two convicted individuals for the next five years from working for any listed company or with any of its infrastructure. Furthermore, she has barred several former officials of big companies from working on the regulatory agencies.

Buch’s appointment is notable for several reasons. He has considerable experience in the asset management industry, and has a history of working for the Sebi. His career at the NSE has given him a unique perspective on the NSE case, and he is familiar with the current situation at SEBI. As a result, he could bring a fresh perspective to the table. However, he has had to work with many other executives over the past few years and would not be an easy choice for the top job.

Buch brings a unique perspective to the position, and was a whole-time member of Sebi when he was in charge of policy and regulation in the funds industry. The SEC’s criticisms of the regulator’s investigations under his predecessor were a cause for concern. While his track record as a member was not great, he has experience with the securities industry. As a chairperson, Buch’s expertise will be an asset to the regulator.

One of Madhabi Puri Buch’s immediate priorities is reducing the time it takes to pass final orders. While the former CEO of the NSE had a poor reputation for taking final action, he had a long-standing record as an industry veteran. And he has already been criticized for not putting anyone behind bars for the NSE co-location scandal. But the new SEBI CEO will be a very different force.

The appointment of a female CEO to head SEBI was unexpected, and the agency’s previous CEO has been under fire for a decade. The new SEBI CEO is expected to continue the same legacy. But a woman would be welcome in the role as long as she has the right qualifications and experience. And, she will have the right temperament for the job. There are many issues to address under this new head of the regulatory agency, and she will be a great addition to the existing team.

Buch has worked as a whole-time member at Sebi for the last few years. Her experience as a member of the commission can give her a fresh perspective as chairperson. Likewise, he is a familiar face to the NSE case. He can also bring a fresh point of view as chairperson. So, he is a good choice. But a new chairman is needed. The finance ministry’s appointment is a critical moment.

The appointment of a new Sebi CEO is a critical step for the regulator, and it’s a huge step for the industry. In addition to bringing a fresh perspective, Buch will also be familiar with the NSE case. In fact, he was the only candidate who applied for a full-time position in the Sebi’s governing body. It’s hard to imagine a more experienced board member being appointed.

In addition to her previous role as a full-time member of the commission, Buch has extensive knowledge of the NSE’s recent case. She also brings a fresh perspective as chairperson. Unlike her predecessors, she has a strong history of working as a senior executive at the SEBI. This is important because it means that she has a clear vision of the future. Besides, she has a great track record of bringing about change in the sector.

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