NFT:  Trends That Will Revolutionize The World In 2022?


Why should you be aware of NFT trends ? Well, whether or not you like the idea of Non Fungible Tokens, some of these emerging trends could change the way we experiment with the Internet, branded products, buying and selling art, and even the creation and experience of music. And according to Jace Kay, a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, 2022 sounds like the year when the promise of Web 3.0 and NFT will really take off.

If it sounds a lot and you still don’t really understand what NFT is (you are not alone!), see our explanation of what NFTs are and our guide to create and sell an NFT.

But believe us when we say Kay knows what he’s talking about in NFT. Not only is he a member of BAYC, one of the most successful NFT groups, he is also the co-founder of the Streaming Social Music Application Station head, with Ryan Star, and is the creator of the famous Facebook Lemon AR campaign. .

Still not convinced that TVNs are worth it ? Bored Ape Kay has a clear example: “In 1996, I bought my first Apple computer for about 3 $ 200. […] But if I had bought Apple stocks instead, I would never have had to work a single day in my life. In the new world [of NFTs] When you buy “the computer”, you have a piece of the brand. So if it explodes, you can always get a piece of it. ”

Not being the type to ignore a trend, Kay formed the virtual music group The NFTs with the release of their first song, “I’ve Got a Cool Cat Too” and called on its own group NFT, the Stereo headZ Music Club, to play the lead role. Read more to find out how Kay thinks music, NFT casting and more will dominate.

NFT and digital trends in 2022…

NFT avatar casting

The advantage of NFT over traditional intellectual property creation is that you can own and make money from a larger brand. NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Stereo headZ allow users to create their own art for the group, bringing a new sense of creativity to a community of artists, animators and musicians.

In the case of Jace Kay’s NFT group, personality avatars came from the community and payments were made to these artists. It helped a still secret rock star to be part of the Stereo head Z Music Club.

In 2022, expect more of this “avatar casting”, as Kay calls it, to take off. He and the BAYC have many projects going on, and members can start using their Bored Apes or Stereo head Z and get a share of the profits. This corresponds to another NFT trend for 2022…

Community trade mark image

Giving control of intellectual property to a community to “take new directions that the parent brand would never have taken in the past adds value,” said Kay. The use of a blockchain and NFT provides primary and secondary resale rights so that an artist is always paid for the future use of his work. Unlocking control of intellectual property enables growth and creativity, and artists are paid for their contribution and work at each stage.

“Take the example of the Bored Ape Yacht Club,” says Kay, “it was nothing until May [2021] and now it is one of the biggest brands in the world, almost, and she partners with Adidas and others. ”

Will we see Disney and the big brands sharing their IP with the NFT communities ? Unlikely, but this type of community-led branding and image approach will find its place even in large companies that will turn to NFT communities and groups to promote new products. If you create a bored monkey and configure it to launch avatars, your art could be a Coke ad next Christmas.

Ethereum 2.0 solves its energy problem

A single transaction on the Ethereum blockchain consumes as much electricity as a conventional home for a day and a half. Ethereum “energy burn, like driving a car with your foot on the accelerator with the brakes applied,” says Kay. “It’s not necessary. And it changes. Ethereum 2.0 is slowly deploying next year and it will make a huge difference. ”

Kay describes how Ethereum’s current “tuyau” is not large enough for the large number of people who want to use it and therefore have to pay a higher cost to get through it. ” Ethereum 2.0 will extend this pipe, reducing costs. Ethereum 2 will reduce costs, provide a higher yield and increase the value of NFT created on the blockchain.

Tokenization and games

This is a big problem. Next year, NFTs will grow from their use to promote art and will focus on utility – whether it be games or access to rare communities (linked to avatars casting and marketing for Web 3.0). We can already see it in video games where AAA publishers like Ubisoft buy a blockchain so that players can buy and unlock objects that are now of real value. Axie Infinity is another game for winning adoption, which is now valued at “6 billion dollars” and players can earn 15 dollars an hour with NFT awards.

Kay says, “Many NFT projects are trying to make tokenization, which means you get more value from it. And these tokens can actually be sold on the secondary market. If you do it right, it has a lot of power. . ”

The metaverse (see our explanation of what the metaverse is) will really start in 2022, and NFTs will be at the heart of this immersive technology. The benefits of blockchain, crypto-currencies and NFT will be served directly in the metaverse, immediately removing barriers to gibberish-jumbo entry. But Kay thinks things are really starting with Apple and its transparent approach to UX and UI.

“More importantly, Apple and its good device take everything to the next level, much like they did with the App Store,” says Kay. The catch could be the advertised price for the Apple VR helmet, which can cost approximately $ 3 $ 000 for high-end AR / VR technology. Could this be where Meta / Facebook and Oculus take the lead in VR helmets ? Not according to Kay, who has no confidence in the social media giant.

“[Meta’s] behind the turn, they’re also on the wrong side. They will ruin the metaverse. The meta is just a recipe for disaster, “says Kay, who says there won’t be just one metavers, but a decentralized mix of applications, events, spaces and platforms. “Facebook will always try to make it its metavers, and you can sell NFT there, but it will be centralized, and we must not let that happen,” he adds.

Web 3.0 takes off

 “The NFTs were designed for the Web 3”, explains Kay. While previous versions of the Web focused on reading (see data) and reading and writing (social networks and experiences), Web 3.0 consists of “holding property and obtaining rewards”, in worlds and games like Decentraland and Fortnite. The evolution of the internet with NFT goes hand in hand and will really take off in 2022.

NFT Gaming

The musical NFT will take over

Music and NFT will be big in 2022, Napster big. Kay formed the virtual group The NFT with colleagues Bored Apes and others will follow. But NFTs will be more universal in the musical space. Jack Dorsey left his post as CEO of Twitter to lead Block (formerly Square) to enable streaming services such as Tidal to use musical NFTs.

Kay’s other project, as well as StereoheadZ NFT – a decentralized label and music community – is Stationhead, a live broadcast and music platform. With Stationhead, you can broadcast live broadcasts and even broadcast your music from Apple Music and Spotify, and it’s legal.

Platforms like Stationhead will exist in and through the metaverse where listeners can connect and discuss or publish their own music. The NFT on the blockchain reward fans who follow a group or follow the royalties for the musicians.

Kay The NFT’s group will be one of the first, with fans supporting the group via the StereoheadZ Music Club NFT, win awards and can even be chosen to help develop the group – Kay says the hosts of a future clip will come from the SZMC.

Real world experiences

“Another thing that is starting to happen, but it’s kind of fun and related to the kind of utility you get are real world experiences,” says Kay. Supporting an NFT project means that you are invested in a community and one of the rewards will be regular events for the holders.

Holders of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT have already started, with a party in New York in 2021 where 2 000 holders of BAYC NFT gathered in a secret warehouse to watch Beck, Chris Rock and a specially reformed member of The Strokes go on stage. “This IRL [in real life] experiences will certainly be a huge, huge thing.

Digital marking and property

Right now, says Kay, we’re talking about NFT that gives artists and creators ownership of digital content, but in the future everything will have an NFT. “Right now we’re talking about art and music, but we’re also starting to talk about seeds, buying food […] everything you buy has a digital fingerprint that lets you know who owns what, “says Kay.

Imagine that Adèle buys a sweater and then sells it, so you know it was Adèle’s sweater and its value increases. “Having digital labels for objects and physical experiments is starting to happen. This opens up many more possibilities for creating interesting things with transparency. “

The rise of personality NFT

“I think this year [2022] we will certainly see more of these personalities who are NFT,” says Kay. You will see applications that allow artists to act as an NFT personality rather than themselves. Kay has a developing Snapchat application that will allow a user to become fully themselves and replaced by a bored monkey. “It looks real,” he said. “It’s pretty incredible.”

Expect musicians and celebrities to face NFT figures in 2022. This is already happening, musician Teflon Sega only exists in the metaverse as an artist, but expect more famous stars to adopt the anonymity of performance to select fans under a digital character. It also started with Gorillaz and is now taking it to the next level in 2022.

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