Online Banking: The Best Choice For a Liberal Profession?

Online Banking

For a long time, the online banking solution for the liberal professions was only offered by traditional organizations and such solutions are quite costly. Limiting oneself to traditional banks alone is quite restrictive, especially when you realize how advantageous online banks and neo-banks can be. Fortunately, nowadays, individuals who exercise a liberal profession can open an account with online banks. Knowing which bank to choose becomes a real headache, as options multiply. But what would be the best option for an online bank ?

Online banking, the characteristics of the liberal profession

The liberal professions in their essence involve individuals classified either as automotive entrepreneurs or as artisans. Whether it is a company or an individual project, they work for their own account. It becomes essential to find a bank adapted to its liberal profession, one with a good service of advisers and acceptable costs. Being monopolized by its entrepreneurial activity leaves little time to take care of the administration and it is quite expensive to, especially since the prices of banking services continue to increase, for all types of customers. There is, however, a fundamental differentiation that must be understood between the liberal professions, because there are those that are regulated and those that are not. Veterinarian, lawyer, notary, doctor, all these professions are in the regulated category, their mission benefits society in a global way and they follow a strict and precise order.

The professions of sports instructor and consultant, for example, fall on the unregulated side of the liberal professions. A profession must be characterized as the independent exercise of an art, a science or another type of activity provided that it is not agricultural, commercial or craft to be considered liberal. This is why there is no official list for this type of profession. A liberal profession can manifest itself through various legal statuses. It can be a commercial or civil company or a sole proprietorship. Some banks are only open to specific legal statuses, which is why this is an important factor to take into account when choosing a bank. For example, a societal legal status cannot hold to a self-entrepreneur bank account.

Online banking, the banking needs of a liberal profession ?

Similar to the needs of the individual, the needs of this liberal profession imply are quite easy to understand. Finding higher pricing practices in banks for liberal professions is rather abnormal, at least when compared to banks for individuals. Even if the needs differ with some of the activities of liberal professions, to put this in perspective, we find the case of individual medical fields, their needs can be quite specific. This is why you have to select a bank wisely. It is therefore necessary to answer certain questions such as access or not to a bank card, cashing of checks, the possibility of making transfers or the fact that banks have specific partnerships.

Online banking, the best solutions for liberal professions

The liberal professions can legitimately exercise their right to an account. You can contact the Banque de France to be assigned a particular establishment in the event of refusal by another bank. The Banque de France is a very simple way to find a bank for those who exercise a liberal profession. In most cases, the legal status of the company is chosen by the liberal professions, as there are too many constraints for certain liberal professions to choose entrepreneurial status. As mentioned above, it is important to take into consideration the legal status of the liberal profession for the choice of bank. You have to carefully examine and compare the differences. For liberal professions with societal legal status, whether SARL, EURL, SASU or SAS, here are the best online banking options :

  • La Banque Postale ;
  • Manager One ;
  • Anytime ;
  • Shine.

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