How To Become An Event Organizer?

To Become an Event Organizer

To become an event organizer makes many of you dream. And we understand you ! We had also listed in an article the 8 reasons that make event managers love their job ! But do you really know what an event organizer is ? But what are the positions behind this Planner ? How to become an event organizer? Are there specific studies? If so, what are they?

Many questions that Event drive will try to answer as clearly as possible. What are the different profiles of the profession, what training to follow to realize your dream, but also a point on the skills to acquire to become a real pro, we reveal everything there is to know !


Event Manager, Event Planner or event organizer, there are many derivatives that are becoming more and more anglicized. The Event Manager participates in the design, enhancement and production of the event. It guarantees its effectiveness, its impact, its commercial profitability and is the benchmark for the spirit of the event.

The organizer / organizer is a true conductor. It is up to him / her to manage an event (conference, seminar, inauguration) as well as to coordinate the various professionals involved for the occasion. His profession is very versatile and calls on many skills.

In agency

He is responsible for several projects at the same time. It is this wealth that often appeals to those who decide to work in an agency. Working on several projects at the same time can be stimulating ! But the real advantage is above all the variety: it is possible to rub shoulders with very different environments ranging from pharmaceuticals to industry, including retail.

In business

When you are an event organizer in a company, you have the opportunity to specialize much faster. The big positive is that we know all the secrets of the industry in which we develop and it is easier to counter competitors. Internally, the event organizer must work jointly with the marketing and HR teams and handle communication to perfection.


The self-employed person is often an expert in the sector of activity in which he works. Most of the time, it is also people in retraining who decide to embark on as an organizer of freelance events. Past experiences are often a real force to become an expert. For example, a former basketball player will have great facilities in organizing sporting events.

A Event Organizer


The level of education required

The position of event organizer is accessible to candidates holding a bac + 2 minimum, in school, BTS or DUT of commerce or communication. Specialization in events is more appreciated or sometimes requested by recruiters. We will think in particular of the professional license specialized in event communication (bac + 3). This level of education often allows you to start with an event assistant organizer position.

Finally, continuing until a communication master (bac + 4 and bac + 5) in school or university can be valued and will allow you to immediately access a position of event project manager.

As is often the case in the field, it really saves skill and pleases the companies that recruit a lot. But how do you have experience when you leave school ? Think of work-study training, but also internships throughout your course !

New training courses are born almost every day and sometimes even specialized schools. This is particularly the case for the Nomad school. The real strength of this establishment is its ability to put its students in conditions on the ground very quickly in their curriculum. The courses even take place in high places in Paris such as the Grand Palais or the Palais Brongniart, which regularly host major events.

Students also have the opportunity to learn about staging techniques and discover all the ins and outs of organizing an event, including the scenography or management of sounds and lights.

Finally, as its name suggests, this school is nomadic and it is a real bonus. Students know the stopovers from their training in advance and are therefore required to move every week. Enough to put yourself in the real conditions barely arrived on the school benches !

To become an event organizer, it is also possible to integrate the Bachelor RP & Event, offered by the Tunon International School. This school has different establishments throughout France, in Bordeaux, Lille or Toulouse. It mainly offers hotel training, but its Bachelor RP & Event allows you to obtain a title certified by the State level II of Marketing and Communication Officer.

The skills to acquire to become an event organizer

Mastering the fundamentals

The job of event organizer involves knowledge of basic concepts, often studied during training. Project management tools, such as a Gantt schedule, a budget management table (we offer you a free template here!) are particularly useful for the progress of a project

Show good self-control

You also need to be able to test your resistance to stress and pressure. Organizing events is not always easy and adrenaline rides often take place on D-Day or the days before your event. The practice of fallacy or meditation can sometimes help to control yourself, but it is often over the course of experience that we learn to detect moments of tension and manage them like a master !

Be a good communicator

As Alexia Martelle, Project Manager at Klépierre Brand Ventures explains, “for an event, there are always several services, several expectations and therefore several personalities to manage. This implies benefiting from advanced communication skills. Diplomacy and pedagogy are must-have to harmonize the objectives of all stakeholders.

An event organizer must also be a good seller ! Creativity is often one of the main qualities of a good organizer and that is why new ideas can be used. You must therefore know how to sell your projects, whether internally to management or directly to the client.

Be solution oriented

An event organizer is constantly confronted with the unexpected. For this reason, he must adopt the philosophy: “there are no problems, there are only solutions. His creativity, which can be used to create a real universe around the event, must also be at the service of finding alternatives. There is never a plan A without plan B. What if it rains ? If a speaker misses the call ? If the schedule overflows ?

Combine strategy and operational

Your event is part of an overall business strategy. You must therefore be able to take sufficient step back to set consistent objectives, which you will assess as the project progresses using relevant indicators. Following the event, you will offer a report to your hierarchy, which will include the operational aspect (number of participants, satisfaction rate) as well as the strategic aspect (incremental sales following the event, ROI).

Being an ace of new technologies

It is essential today to master new technologies. Indeed, many aspects touch on technology in today’s events. We are thinking in particular of the animation at the place of the event with stands linked to virtual reality for example. You also need to know how to use management platforms (like Event drive for example!), Manage social networks like a pro and more mailing software to communicate. You can (and you must) be an actor in the digital transformation of your business !

Practice multiple languages

You don’t teach anyone, knowing one or more other languages than French is a real asset in any profession. This is obviously also the case for the organizer. Language skills are increasingly sought after, because foreign companies like to come and organize their events in France. So you have to be able to communicate easily with them. The reverse is also very common, with the organization of events abroad, in particular in border countries such as Italy, Germany or Spain.

A Organizer


This is a question that comes up regularly and unfortunately there is no standard answer, the wages being very heterogeneous … They depend of course on the size of the company, if you work at the advertiser or agency, your level of experience or your diploma.

On average, we can hope to reach 1,700 euros net at the start of their careers and the possibilities for development are rapid. It’s up to you to prove yourself to gain skills quickly and show your hierarchy that you are worth it. If you decide to freelance, you set your prices, but remember that the competition is tough. You have to be able to sell yourself to hope for a good salary.

This little presentation of the profession gives you an overview of how to become an event organizer. Note that there is no standard course, everyone can bring their professional background and succeed in the environment if they give themselves the means.

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