When Future Owners Discover The Tesla Model 3?

tesla model 3

Deliveries from the Tesla Model 3 started in the United States several months ago. But the pace was much slower than expected. It must be said that this is the first large-scale model of the Californian manufacturer, who must also face a well-filled order book. To put it mildly: 375,000 reservations were recorded the week following the presentation of the car, in March 2016. Unheard of in the history of the automobile.

It is therefore two and a half years after the first photos were revealed that the first Model 3 tread European soil. After a first appearance at the World Automobile, where we were able to approach it in preview (read our first impressions aboard the Tesla Model 3), several copies have now been dispatched in some European concessions. In France, it is the Paris showroom located Place de la Madeleine which has the great honor of receiving the first copy, gray in color. It is also often an opportunity for people who have reserved the Model 3 to approach it for the first time.

“A little Model S”

The experience is interesting and the comments positive. The Model 3 is judged, compared to one . Many find it . But Gauthier, 37 years old and who reserved his Model 3 from the presentation adds with a touch of irony that For him, having reserved the Model 3 so quickly was a way to encourage Tesla. Like many enthusiasts of the brand, he talks about his boss by calling him by his first name.

While Gauthier is one of the “early-adopts” that have helped shape the incredible Model 3 order book, others have had more rational approaches. This is particularly the case of Christophe, 52, who made his reservation in July 2017. In addition, Tesla’s announcement that the Model 3 would be compatible with the Ionity network (CCS Combo company), made a few hours before our visit, did not fail to delight the future owners.

Interestingly enough, Christophe’s approach proves that the Tesla Model 3 is a car capable of reviving passion for the automobile. Because he has appreciated in the past having powerful BMWs, but got tired of it . Today, he drives a Peugeot 208 in office. Proof that the Tesla Model 3 is not an automobile like the others, its exit led it to negotiate with its boss. He drops his company car, against a salary increase which will allow him to finance his Model 3. At a time when traditional manufacturers are struggling to create the event with new features that they want more and more desirable, proof is made that a different car can again make you want to own one !

“The choice of reason was a Hyundai Kona”

For some like André, 53, the Model 3 was not the first choice. . That’s why he just booked it.

If André wanted an electric car above all, it is because he is convinced by this type of motorization.

Sufficient versatility to abandon the thermal car

The family size and the contribution of the load network therefore constitute real purchasing reasons for customers ready to completely drop their thermal car. While all cite silence and pleasure as additional arguments, the ecological guarantee appears less obvious. Christophe is perfectly aware of this : . André is more optimistic, but not fooled either : . As for Gauthier, he thinks .

The first meeting with the Model 3 therefore allows some to reward a long wait. But it is not yet finished. Because if each person who has reserved a Model 3 has paid a deposit, everything is not yet frozen. The versions available in France and their price have not yet been communicated, it will be in just a few weeks. In short, it is as if the customers had taken a ticket in the cheese department, without yet knowing if they were going to choose St Nectaire or Roquefort.

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As such, future customers wonder about the regular simplifications of the catalog. All would have liked the version with the largest battery, to promote autonomy, with the only rear engine. But Tesla finally decided to offer this battery only with the double engine and the full transmission, increasing the price accordingly. There are therefore still many hesitations, even though Elon Musk announces that the first copies to Europe will be produced in January, for delivery in late February, early March. Customers who already have a Tesla will be served first.

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