Why Should Your Company needs Time Management Software

Time Management Software

Time management is a responsibility of Human Resources with great logistical difficulties, especially in the current context. The working of time management software simplifies it and makes it more agile.

Many sayings remind us of the importance of using your time wisely. This need becomes more critical for companies. And for that the management of hours work is directly links to productivity and competitiveness. It is therefore logical that many companies use working time management software.

Although they recognize their interest in having an optimal time management solution. It is not easy to make the right choice for this sensitive procedure to complete with all the legal guarantees. And also without negatively affecting the working climate. Working time management software provides the tools necessary to have this control. But what specific applications do they offer to companies?

What is working time management software?

This is a set of tools that automate most tasks related to hourly personnel administration. It includes a record of hours of entry and exit, calculation of hours worked, distribution of work shifts, and management of holidays and vacations.

In a broader sense, time management would include any directed action to plan, supervise, and analyze employees’ work schedules. And one of the main words of software that calculates working hours is to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity.

What tools do you make up working time management software?

When we talk about time tracking software, we refer to three different SIRH softwares. The softwares that allows us to manage the main areas of time administration.

Time management tool

Working time management                                                                    

It is the complete time management tool. It allows you to record the start and end times of the working day and the counting of the time worked. In addition, Bizneo HR has succeeded in printing a completely open character to this resource. So that companies can better personalize their functions.

The system is suitable for large organizations as well as SMEs. And it automates the more usual time management tasks and provides relevant information for departments and their managers. Among other possibilities, the software makes it possible to trace the IP address. From which an employee connects or even geolocates it.

The two options necessary to manage the flexibility, timetable, telework, and work conciliation measures. These are executed strictly according to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations. And their activation is always communicated to the employee. The system, therefore, guarantees the integrity and security of the data generated.

Another advantage of this working time management tool is that it allows relationships to develop with full legal validity. These documents include all data that have to do with the time worked. Also the hours of entry and exit within a defined period. If necessary, a company could prove professional misconduct or validate a fair dismissal.

Leave management

The leave control software makes it possible to manage the rest periods and the leaves of all the staff. This helps prevent operational disruptions from overlapping absences and makes vacation distribution completely transparent. Each employee can quickly check their days off and distribution of their colleagues.

The system is beneficial for managers and team leaders. The leaders who can plan breaks much better and ensure that delivery times for their projects are met. And for companies that offer high levels of autonomy, employees can directly manage their days off. (according to previously defined criteria).

This rest time control tool makes it possible to distinguish the types of absence. That opens up the possibility of granting surveys in the form of days off, holidays on hold, or unforeseen leaves. HR managers can also generate absenteeism reports or revise historical statistics.

Planning management

Many companies continue to operate with hours of work requiring employee availability that goes beyond their preference. It can cause staff disputes, and work schedule software brings clarity and efficiency to the time assignment.

Automatically assign the shifts. But it is possible to introduce relevant criteria or exclude people (in management, specific contractual conditions, etc.). Another function specially used is the systematic rotation of working hours, which avoids any feeling of grievance.

The time management tool also gives employees more autonomy, allowing them to exchange their shifts without destroying the schedule. An advantage for Human Resources because the system records all changes, prevents confusion and professional misconduct. It automatically counts the hours worked by each employee.

How can time management software improve HR?

As we can see, the administration of working time is a chapter of the Human Resources department. Which can generate quite a few complications. Not for nothing, some of the mandatory tasks include monitoring the work of employees, which can also create friction.

time management software

Thanks to this software, time control in a company gain transparency and objectivity. Employees know what the scope of the hourly control system is, and it is never pervasive. Companies can thus cover their control obligation without jeopardizing the legal provisions regarding data protection and employee privacy.

This software centralizes all the information related to time management tool, with which it was collected. This allows companies to gain efficiency by transferring data in their systems. And all this without the need for complex actions on the part of employees or their managers. And that represents added advantage.

One of the strengths of Bizneo HR’s time management software is its simplicity. Require no prior training to use it. Its intuitive design integrates the ease of automating the different procedures included in time management. And that frees up resources to face other tasks and integration with any other software.

The time management app

All of the benefits mentioned are also present in the time control application, including exciting features. This application to control working hours makes remote access to all HR software functions. Functions that are related to time management possible and presents a simple and flexible design.

The time control app is a versatile solution that can adapt to different models of professional management. Range from assistance to workplace facilities to pre-established hours until full telework. The application makes it easier for the employee to adapt to new work environments. For example, when he accesses time flexibility schemes.

The working time management application is cloud based. It can recover all data can recover all data at any time and from any device. And at the same time, it can integrate the application with the rest of the systems. The Human Resources department of many corporate use it

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