Why is Narendra Modi the Most Popular World Leader?

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According to a new survey by Morning Consult, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular leader globally. His approval rating among adults is 70 per cent, beating out Mexico’s Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with 66 per cent. Other top leaders include Mario Draghi of Italy and Japan’s Fumi Kishida. The highest disapproval rating is 21 per cent.

Despite his high popularity in the world, Modi’s humble background is one of the reasons behind his success. His father ran a tea shop on a railway station platform, and he worked there from a very young age. The ratings reflect Modi’s initiatives and his unwavering faith in the people. He was also a member of the OBC (another backward caste), a lower social class than the average person.

According to the survey conducted by Morning Consult, PM Modi is the world’s most popular leader, with an approval rating of seventy per cent among adults. That’s the highest approval rating among non-congress leaders since the polling firm started collecting data in 2019. Other top leaders who have received the most approval globally include Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Italy Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
Another survey by Morning Consult shows that Modi is the most popular leader in India. In a study of Indians, he has the highest approval rating among all leaders. The results show that the public’s high approval rating is a source of pride for all Indians. The article was published in Time magazine and was a widely circulated piece, and it was also published on the newspaper’s website.

The survey also reveals that Modi has the highest approval rating among all world leaders. In the United States, he’s the longest-serving prime minister from a non-congress party. The survey also finds that he has the highest approval rating. Unlike other countries, he is the only non-congress leader rated highly in public opinion by voters. So, if you’re wondering why he’s a great leader, you need to read on.

According to a survey by Morning Consult, India’s PM Narendra Modi has the highest approval rating among all world leaders. The highest approval rating in the world is awarded to US President Barack Obama. While PM Modi’s approval rating is high in the United States, it’s low in the United Kingdom. By comparison, US President Joe Biden has the lowest. But this doesn’t mean that India’s PM Modi is the best leader globally.

Modi is a rising star in India and a top leader globally. The rise of the SP has influenced his popularity rating. In India, he is regarded as the most popular leader globally. However, he is not the only one with high approval ratings. While he has a high approval rating, he has a low approval rating in other areas. As a result, he has struggled to win elections in several states.

The rating of PM Modi has been boosted by the fact that he comes from a low-income background. He belongs to the OBC caste and is a member of the OBC. He has risen to become one of the world’s most famous leaders, according to a report published in the Hindu on 10 February 2018. In addition to a high global approval rating, he also received the highest honour for his humanitarian work globally, the Zayed Medal.
The popularity of Modi has been rising since he took office in 2015. The popularity of Modi is boosted by the fact that he has a low socioeconomic background and belongs to the OBC caste. His father has a tea shop at a railway station platform. As a child, he had to work in his father’s teashop. And today, his ratings are high, and he has risen to the top of the world.

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